Private Parties

We are excited to host you!

Our studio is perfect for your unique event! We offer many different options to select from. To host an event, please e-mail us and include the type of event you are looking to have & specific day/times you are looking to host. Once an event is booked, we will send you a personalized link to send to your guests. 

We are a BYOB & BYOS (Bring your own snack) studio.


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Booking Cancellations:

Booking cancellations must be made at lease 48 hours in advance to be approved for a credit to future classes. Due to our projects having your chosen customization information, it is your responsibility at the time of the booking that you be sure to double, triple check your spelling and information to ensure your stencils will be correct and ready for you at the start of each class.


Private Party Cancellation Policy:

A deposit is due when booking your private party.  Once the minimum number of friends and family are met, we will refund your deposit.  If you are unable to meet the minimum, the deposit will be lost. If you prefer to cancel your private party the deposit will not be refunded. All private parties must have their attendees register three days before the class begins. *Remember to have everyone attending your party to double check all customizations before submitting registration*

Want to Book a Private Workshop?

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